Media Markt

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Ground floor

Excellent brand and unbelievably low prices – are the perfect recipe for success. If you look for such a combination, you will find it in Media Markt. On the huge sale area you will find the newest white and brown goods, the computer and photographic equipment, CDs, DVDs an video cassettes at very low prices. The statistics are certainly boring but we cannot resist the temptation to give some numbers: MediaMarkt has got over 460 markets in 15 European countries- Number 1 in Europe! Millions of customers are our biggest cause to be proud. It is also an evidence that we understand the needs of our customers, even most demanding ones. We have been active on the Polish market since 1998. In our shops we offer you the products which you certainly need. In short, a lot of pleasures at the lowest prices. Media Markt shops are always near because in Poland there are more than 30 markets. The shopping in the Media Markt is a great pleasure from Pomerania to the Tatra Mountains. Imagine the best equipment- we certainly have it! If you want to, we will take your old equipment, deliver and install the new one in your house. We can also tell you the work of it and guarantee the most convenient payment.